Cloud Backup

We take the time to understand your business and its unique challenges, so we can help you meets your operation requirements today and as your business scales in the future.
Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup & Archive
One of the biggest advantages of using our service is that it lets you access your files from anywhere. Backups are independent copies of your data volumes used for archive and recovery purposes. Backups are stored on cloud object storage which is separated from primary volumes to meet data protection requirements.
Manage & Montior
Securing critical business information through backup management is considered one of the most crucial responsibilities at Quantum Solution. We understand that loss of data can impact the reputation of an organization to a great extent. Quantum Solution offers robust backup monitoring and management services to all its clients. The monitoring plans are designed in a way so that these can meet the varied backup requirements of the clients.
Data Security
Data backup and protection services from Quantum Solution provide new approaches to data protection, data availability and data reporting. Protect critical data with services designed to avoid data loss and downtime, reduce risk and total cost of ownership, and promote real-time data availability and virtually instant data recovery while mitigating regulatory compliance issues.